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"20 Painful Mistakes that Parents Regret Making In Their Children’s Screen Time and

How to Avoid Them"

Attn: Parents, if Your Children Spend A Long Time on their Smartphones, Tablets, or Computers, Gaming, Social Media-ing, or You-Tube-ing

We Routinely Help Our Clients Solve These Problems:

1. Your children are glued to their tech devices and spending long hours on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, gaming, watching YouTube, and social media, and chatting with their friends that they forgot about homework, chores, eating, and sleeping.

2. Your children refuse to listen to you and follow your instructions, no matter how many times you have a talk or try to convince them. It is as if your children have been possessed by these devices.

3. You do not know how to parent your child with these technologies. Back then when you were growing up, your parents don't have this problem. You have no idea how to do this as you do not have anyone to refer to.

4. You feel helpless, frustrated, and angry when comes to your children and their tech devices. The more you try to control or limit their screen time, the more they want their tech devices and they ended up having meltdowns, throwing tantrums, fighting back, and resisting you.

5. You hate these technologies so much but you can't take them away because it is part of the children's life and school are also moving to technology-based learning. You just can't figure out how to fix your children's addiction.

Now, See How Easily You Can Stop Your Child’s Screen/Internet Addiction, Nurture Good Habits In Your Child, And Build A Better Relationship With Your Child Through The Digital Parenting Method®!


Hey, it's Jessie, I am the founder of the Digital Parenting Club.

I have spent 14 years working in the Cyber Security field and am a mother of 4 children.​

When the pandemic came and everywhere was on lockdown in March 2020, I knew I need to do something to prevent Internet addiction in my children.

My children had to stay at home and resume their learning journey by adopting the online classroom. It means they will be spending most of their time with the technologies on Internet access.

I was worried about Internet addiction and Internet Dangers. I have seen many parents struggle with their child's excessive screen time or Internet addiction.

I put everything I know about mindfulness, parenting, Internet Safety, and habits into "digital parenting" my children.

I discovered it worked so well.

- Jessie Liew

- Parenting Coach on Screen Time / Screen Addiction

This is for you if...

1. Your children are addicted to the Internet, Games, YouTube, or even Social Media so they end up neglecting their homework, chores, and sleep.

2. Your children do not want to listen to you anymore and it seems that no matter what you say doesn't land on your child's ears. You can't connect with your children and there is a big disconnect in your family.

3. You lack knowledge in parenting children in this Digital Era. Back then, your parents do not have the same struggle as you did.

4. You feel frustrated, angry, and helpless when comes to your children and their screen and you constantly have arguments or even fight with your children.

5. You can't take away these devices as it is part of your children's lives and even school are moving to technology-based learning, and you can’t figure out how to “fix” your children's addiction.

And you want to...

1. Help Your Child to Overcome their Addiction from the Internet, Social Media, Games, and YouTube so your children can GAIN BACK their childhood, and create more memories with YOU.

2. Deepen Connection with Your Children… and make your children feel that you are the best parents so they come to you for any problems, uncertainties, and happiness.

3. Empower Your Children to Use the Technologies responsibly and stay safe online so your children use these devices for a better future for themselves.

4. Your Child can Gain Back Their Time, spending time doing what they really love and are passionate about, playing more outside, and connecting with you more.

5. Learn and apply Digital Parenting so you can use these fundamentals regardless of what new technology comes out.

In short:

1) You want to help your children to overcome their Internet addiction or reduce their excessive screen time.

2) You want to empower them to use the technology responsibly and stay safe online.

3) You wanted to build a better relationship with your children.

Below are some of the incredible stories of how our clients help their children overcome the Internet, Social Media, Games, and Youtube addiction and empower their children to use the technology responsibly and safely.

Discover How We Helped Jenny A Mother of A 13-Year-Old Teenage Son to Reduce Her Son’s Screen Time From 8 hours/Day to 3 hours/day in 1 Month!

Before Working With Us

After Working With Us

Jenny's son grew up reading books and playing board games, puzzles, and toy trains.

But when the boy got an iPad and Nintendo Switch at age of 12, he became addicted and was gaming and watching YouTube 8 hours a day.

Gadget use was reduced from 8 hours to 3 hours in just over a month.

Her son starts to show back interest in his reading, board games, and trains, and spends time indulging in these hobbies.

Her son’s academic performance has improved significantly after the reduction of screen time.

Jenny has to nag and threaten to remove the gadgets. Her son would fight back, throw tantrums, or have meltdowns.

Instead of reacting, Jenny responded better to help her son regulate screen time.

Her son refused to connect with Jenny.

He even regarded her as an outdated mom.

Some family conflict has damaged the good relationship that she had with him when he was younger

After working with us on working on her inner-self and her relationship with herself.

More importantly, working on her mindset about parenting.

How to communicate and rebuild a different type of relationship with her teenage son.

Now, her son has been open to reconnecting back with Jenny.

In Sept 2022, she told us that her son invited her to play a video game with her.

That’s only within 2 months ever since she started working with us.

When she first met us and heard about our past case studies and experienced the work we do through the ‘Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time’ Webinar.

She knew we were the best option for her breakthrough.

But her biggest concern was her self-doubt that she can do this as her relationship with her son was so chaotic.

It is always fighting and resentment. Still, she took the leap of faith.

They say the rest is history.

See what other people say about us.

Discover How *Hanna, a Mother of an 8-year-old was able to Stop Her Son’s Screen Addiction from 12 Hours to 2 Hours/Day and Help Her Son to Gain Back His Childhood in Just 2 Months.

Before Working With Us

After Working With Us

Hanna's 8-year-old son was addicted to his iPad.

The moment he wakes up, he will go to his iPad and spend the entire day with it.

Hanna's son Internet / iPad has changed from 12 hours long to 2 hours per day after working with us for 2 months.

Her son installed about 25 games on his iPad and spend the entire day gaming and watching YouTube.

He refused to allow Hanna access to his iPad.

Hanna was not tech-savvy and find it is challenging to set parental control on his iPad.

Through our help, Hanna was trained to be more tech-savvy and was able to parental control his son's iPad.

Through collaboration discussion, his son agrees to have only 5 games on his iPad.

In the past, Hanna has to yell, snatch or even beg to take away the iPad from her son.

Her son would be cried, and tried to snatch back his iPad, displaying symptoms of addiction.

Now he can enjoy his time playing with his brother and cousin and even spend time with his grandparents walking to a nearby park daily.

Not only did Hanna has changed from being helpless, guilty, and feeling like a bad mom, but now she felt more confident as a mother and has even become a more tech-savvy “digital mom”.

She has a deeper connection with her children, and his son has returned from “being possessed by iPad demon” to his old self, a sweet and polite boy.

*Hanna - not her real name

Discover How Dinuka, a Parenting Coach was able to Turn Around From “Not able to Sleep Without a Smartphone” to Reducing Her Son’s Screen Time from 6 hours to 2 Hours A Day in Just 2 Months.

Before Working With Us

After Working With Us

Dinuka’s son shows signs of addiction to his smartphone.

Whenever the smartphone was taken away, he would claim he could not sleep without it.

They spend 5-6 hours a day, gaming, TikTok-ing, and watching YouTube.

Screen use was reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours a day in just over 2 months.

Now her son knows how to manage their day and their basic responsibility are fulfilled first before the screen time.

In the past, the relationship between Dinuka and her two boys was tense, especially regarding screen-time issues.

Two months after she started working with us, the relationship has become calm, connected, and respected.

Dinuka struggled to set boundaries on screen for her children. Rules were laid down: 2 hours but her sons failed to follow through.

She was fearful about saying "No" and did not know how to help her child to set boundaries with the devices.

Dinuka helps her sons set boundaries with the screen/Internet, and have an agreement on gadget use.

Her sons can follow through with the agreement.

Dinuka has become a confident digital parent, knowing to work collaboratively with her children.

Now her sons' basic responsibilities have been completed first before screen time.

What Parents Say About Us


A Mother of a 13-year-old son

"Jessie helped me to reduce my son’s screen time from 8 hours to 3 hours a day! It was done pretty fast, in 1 month!”


A Mother of 2 Boys &

A Parenting Coach

“In the past, my son would claim he can't sleep whenever his smartphone was taken away from him.

In 2 months, Jessie helped me to overcome my son's smartphone addiction and reduce my sons' screen time from 5 hours to 2 hours a day. ”


A Mother of 2 Boys

"I have been struggling to be a less angry mom and in 1 hour, Jessie has shifted my mindset to love my children more!”


A Mother of 2 Daughters

“When I come to Jessie, I was in a desperate place. I found my child sneaking out at midnight to play computer games.

Now, my child has overcome her gaming addiction and has a screen time of 2 hours a day"


A Mother of 3 &

Primary School Teacher

"Before working with Jessie, I was struggling with my young children’s screen time as they will have a lot of tantrums, meltdowns, and fights. Now, they understand and accept when the devices were taken away from them.


A Father of 3 (Ages 5,4 & 2)

"In the past, our kids will scream and act violently whenever the iPad is taken away or not given to them.

Now, they can calmly pass back the devices even though they only have 2 hours of screen time on the weekend"

Anyway … I Am Doing This Because …

I was once in your shoes.

I used to shout and scream at my children too.

I was trying to control and get them to do what I want.

I was parenting my children based on how I was parented.

However, all these changed in March 2019.

One of my good friends Lee passed on. Three years back, she was diagnosed with nose cancer and discovered the unfaithful event of her spouse. This led to divorce and she took custody of her two sons.

Despite hardship, Lee was able to bring her family together.

When I attended Lee's wake service in March 2019, it was the most beautiful wake service I have ever attended.

Lee has moved on, and moved on forgiving her ex-husband despite the pain he brought her.

When her eldest 12-year-old son came and speak in the wake service, I was amazed by this boy. He was trying to be courageous and make his mum proud.

I remembered the lines, "My mum taught me about love, forgiveness, and courage".

Wow, I am not sure if you realized this or not. Lee decided not to bring her marriage wound to her son.

Love, forgiveness, and courage will allow her son to move on and live the present life.

I am so inspired by Lee being a good mum.

When I started to work on myself, I realize the most important to me is the connection with my children.

How I Got Started?

I spend more than 14 years working as a Cyber Security expert, helping big corporations to defend their systems from cyber criminals.

Because of my background and knowing that these devices are addictive, we tried to delay technology use in our children.

When my friend Lydia called me in the year 2020 and shared that she fights with her son physically to wrestle the smartphone due to her son's smartphone addiction, I realize that many parents are struggling with this.

Therefore, I decided to start digital parenting coaching and it is my mission to help you to nurture your children to use screen/tech devices responsibly and stay safe online.

I put everything I knew from mindfulness, conscious parenting, Internet Safety, and Habits and I closely studied them - and that’s where I found the answer.

Seeing how the METHOD I developed amazingly worked for my own family, I started helping more parents and having them experience the same or even greater success I achieved.

My clients are now happy and have peace of mind knowing their children can use the tech responsibly and stay safe online. They also have a better connection with their children.

And that’s the kind of life I want for YOU.

Join me in my FREE Sharing Session …

In this webinar, these are the 20 painful mistakes that parents regret making in their children’s screen time and How to Avoid Them That I’ll Cover:

Mistake 1: Parents limit and control their child’s screen time strategy.

This strategy sometimes works depending on the age of your child and your child's personality.

However, it means there is one key to this success: You have to be there all the time.

Ask yourself, if you are not there to limit and control screen time, will your child stop on his/her own?

I doubt so.

It is tiring and you can't be there all the time.

Mistake 2: Parents Want to Correct the Behavior by using Punishment, Shaming, Shouting, and Time Off.

When you try to correct your child’s behavior, it creates resentment in your children.

It may work first initially but soon you realize it has lost its effect and your children ignore you and continue to glue at their tech devices.

Mistake 3: Relying on Technology Use Rules to get your child to put away tech devices

Most parents find the more they tried to impose the rules, their children refuse to listen to them and tried to do the opposite.

… and 17 Mistakes to be Revealed in the Webinar!







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