Hi, I am Jessie Liew

Jessie Liew is the founder of Digital Parenting Coaching.

As a mother of 4 and a cybersecurity expert, she also has to face the same task as all parents, which is rearing safe & responsible digital children.

We are living in the digital era, and hence we need new skills to digital parent our children.

She has been able to help parents to become confident digital parents, having better relationships with their children while empowering their children to use electronic devices responsibly and stay safe online.

She has been awarded CREA GLOBAL AWARDS 2021 for her outstanding work in Digital Parenting and was also recognized by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi Mastermind group as 'Women of Self Education Revolution".

She believes that tech is going to stay, therefore we have to find ways and learn how to use tech wisely, mindfully, and with a purpose.

Tech / Internet is not entirely evil. It could be a great way to nurture our passion and talent, as well as great tools to connect.

Why we are doing these?

I was once in your shoes.

I used to shout and scream at my children too.

I was trying to control and get them to do what I want.

I was parenting my children based on how I was parented.

However, all these changed in March 2019.

One of my good friends Lee passed on. Three years back, she was diagnosed with nose cancer and discovered the unfaithful event of her spouse. This led to divorce and she took custody of her two sons.

Despite hardship, Lee was able to bring her family together.

When I attended Lee's wake service in March 2019, it was the most beautiful wake service I have ever attended.

Lee has moved on, and moved on forgiving her ex-husband despite the pain he brought her.

When her eldest 12-year-old son came and speak in the wake service, I was amazed by this boy. He was trying to be courageous and make his mum proud.

I remembered the lines, "My mum taught me about love, forgiveness, and courage".

Wow, I am not sure if you realized this or not. Lee decided not to bring her marriage wound to her son.

Love, forgiveness, and courage will allow her son to move on and live the present life.

I am so inspired by Lee being a good mum.

When I started to work on myself, I realize the most important to me is the connection with my children.

How I Got Started?

I spend more than 14 years working as a Cyber Security expert, helping big corporations to defend their systems from cyber criminals.

Because of my background and knowing that these devices are addictive, we tried to delay technology use in our children.

When my friend Lydia called me in the year 2020 and shared that she fights with her son physically to wrestle the smartphone due to her son's smartphone addiction, I realize that many parents are struggling with this.

Therefore, I decided to start digital parenting coaching and it is my mission to help you to nurture your children to use screen/tech devices responsibly and stay safe online.

I put everything I knew from mindfulness, conscious parenting, Internet Safety, and Habits and I closely studied them - and that’s where I found the answer.

Seeing how the METHOD I developed amazingly worked for my own family, I started helping more parents and having them experience the same or even greater success I achieved.

My clients are now happy and have peace of mind knowing their children can use the tech responsibly and stay safe online. They also have a better connection with their children.

And that’s the kind of life I want for YOU.

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