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Attn: Parents, if Your Children Spend A Long Time on their Smartphones, Tablets, or Computers, Gaming, Social Media-ing, or You-Tube-ing

We Routinely Help Our Clients Solve These Problems:

  • Your children are glued to their tech devices and spending long hours on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, gaming, watching YouTube, and social media, and chatting with their friends that they forgot about homework, chores, eating, and sleeping.
  • Your children refuse to listen to you and follow your instructions, no matter how many times you have a talk or try to convince them. It is as if your children have been possessed by these devices.
  • You do not know how to parent your child with these technologies. Back then when you were growing up, your parents don't have this problem. You have no idea how to do this as you do not have anyone to refer to.
  • You feel helpless, frustrated, and angry when comes to your children and their tech devices. The more you try to control or limit their screen time, the more they want their tech devices and they ended up having meltdowns, throwing tantrums, fighting back, and resisting you.
  • You hate these technologies so much but you can't take them away because it is part of the children's life and school are also moving to technology-based learning. You just can't figure out how to fix your children's addiction.

Hey, it's Jessie, I am the founder of the Digital Parenting Club. I have spent 14 years working in the Cyber Security field and am a mother of 4 children.

When the pandemic came and everywhere was on lockdown in March 2020, I knew I need to do something to prevent Internet addiction in my children.

My children had to stay at home and resume their learning journey by adopting the online classroom. It means they will be spending most of their time with the technologies on Internet access.

I was worried about Internet addiction and Internet Dangers. I have seen many parents struggle with their child's excessive screen time or Internet addiction.

I put everything I know about mindfulness, parenting, Internet Safety, and habits into "digital parenting" them.

I discovered it worked so well.

I helped parents to overcome the Internet, Social Media, Games & YouTube addiction of their children, and to nurture their children to use technology responsibly and stay safe online.

This, in turn, formed deeper connections and therefore, happier families.

This is for you if...

  • Your children are addicted to the Internet, Games, YouTube, or even Social Media so they end up neglecting their homework, chores, and sleep.
  • Your children do not want to listen to you anymore and it seems that no matter what you say doesn't land on your child's ears. You can't connect with your children and there is a big disconnect in your family.
  • You lack knowledge in parenting children in this Digital Era. Back then, your parents do not have the same struggle as you did.
  • You feel frustrated, angry, and helpless when comes to your children and their screen and you constantly have arguments or even fight with your children.
  • You can't take away these devices as it is part of your children's lives and even school are moving to technology-based learning, and you can’t figure out how to “fix” your children's addiction.

And you want to...

  • Help Your Child to Overcome their Addiction from the Internet, Social Media, Games, and YouTube so your children can GAIN BACK their childhood, and create more memories with YOU.
  • Deepen Your Connection with Your Children… and make your children feel that you are the best parents so they come to you for any problems, uncertainties, and happiness.
  • Empower Your Children to Use the Technologies responsibly and stay safe online so your children use these devices for a better future for themselves.
  • Your Child can Gain Back Their Time, spending time doing what they really love and are passionate about, playing more outside, and connecting with you more.
  • Learn and apply Digital Parenting so you can use these fundamentals regardless of what new technology comes out.

In short:

  • You want to help your children to overcome their Internet addiction or reduce their excessive screen time.
  • You want to empower them to use the technology responsibly and stay safe online.
  • You wanted to build a better relationship with your children.

Check out some of the incredible stories of how our clients help their children overcome the Internet, Social Media, Games, and Youtube addiction and empower their children to use the technology responsibly and safely.

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